The European Commission defines Eco Innovation as :

Any form of innovation aiming at significant and demonstrable progress towards the goal of sustainable development. This can be achieved either by reducing the environmental impact or achieving a more efficient and responsible use of resources.

It can also be viewed as the development of products and processes that contribute to sustainable development, applying the commercial application of knowledge to elicit direct or indirect ecological improvements.

Put simply – Eco-innovation is about reducing our environmental impact and making better use of resources.

The Tay Eco Valley has established a centre of excellence for eco-innovation which is supported by public, private and academic partners. It is open to all types of businesses and public organisations who wish to develop, investigate or implement resource efficient, sustainable and low carbon processes or products.

Tay Eco Valley is here to help you – whether to develop a concept, source academic research partners, find suitable business collaborators or implement solutions. We have a range of expertise and experience that you and your business can tap into.

If you would like to discuss a product or process that you are interested in developing or have a project you would like to develop, please contact the Tay Eco Valley team –

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