Creating a Living Lab for Eco-Innovation
Thanks to exceptional natural resources of forest, wind, hydro and solar, the Tay Cities economic region is already contributing significantly to renewable electricity and heat generation, with a diversified supply chain, including FTSE 100 businesses and hundreds of SMEs. Our aim is to share economic benefits across the region by encouraging investments in innovation, and help develop synergies and collaborations across the region.
We have the ambition to create a step-change shift to a low carbon, regional economy and establish the
Tay Cities region as a UK and European leading living lab for Eco-Innovation, stimulating economy growth and business innovation. Through investment in low carbon technologies we will demonstrate, in a real life situations, that decarbonising heat, transport and decentralising energy generation and use, can support new job opportunities, attract additional investment and open international markets as well as reducing fuel poverty and carbon emission.
Eco-innovation will stimulate innovation and cross-sector fertilisation within clean and renewable
technologies, Food & Drink, Oil & Gas and Tourism sectors as well as supporting connectivity, targeted skills and workforce development. We will explore all opportunities that exist within the circular economy in the areas of waste management and Oil & Gas decommissioning. Low carbon industries in Scotland generated £10.7 billion in turnover and supported 43,500 direct and indirect jobs in 2014 (ONS). We aim to capitalise on these opportunities to deliver growth through additional, active, innovative businesses within the supply chain, increase business R&D in low carbon technologies across key region sectors and create or sustain a wide range of types of jobs, including high skilled jobs.
These opportunities have been identified in the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Economic Strategy which has been a fundamental driver in the government strategy since its publication in 2010, as well as by the UK Government and InnovateUK funding programmes.
We will work as a partnership of four local authorities, Scottish Enterprise, universities, colleges, Zero Waste Scotland and industry – with the support of the Scottish and UK Governments through the Tay Cities Deal – to accelerate this region’s contribution to making Scotland a greener, cleaner more innovative place.